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Reviewing MSC certification requirements

The MSC certification requirements and supporting documents are updated and reviewed regularly. In 2014, the MSC has committed to undertake a review of our Chain of Custody (CoC) program. The review allows us to evaluate our standard and certification requirements, and aims to increase accessibility and consistency of its program to the global seafood industry.

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How MSC certification requirements are reviewed

The MSC certification requirements are reviewed and released periodically.

The regular review of the standards and requirements ensures that MSC certification remains relevant, globally accessible and applicable, while maintaining the rigour and transparency of the program and ensuring that the bar against which fisheries are assessed remains consistent. Stakeholder consultation is integral to the review process, as defined by best practice.

Between releases, new scheme requirements are developed following the MSC policy development process. These supporting materials are generated in response to feedback from the Stakeholder Council, clients, certifiers and the Accreditation Body. New scheme requirements clarify the existing ones, create efficiencies in the certification process and provide directions for their application in new situations.

Stakeholder consultation is central to the review process. Stakeholder feedback often initiates development of new policy. Further consultation with stakeholders results in improvement to the final proposals. 

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