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Global Impacts: a summary

Download the Global Impacts Summary report 2013 (PDF, 715 KB)

Global Impacts Summary Report 2013The objective of the Global Impacts Report is to gain a clear understanding of the environmental and organisational impacts of the MSC’s certification and ecolabelling program. The report presents independent data, which enable an understanding of how well the MSC is achieving its objectives.

Unique research

This is the first time the MSC, through a new team within the Standards Department, has published a formal, quantitative evaluation of its performance and impact on the oceans and seafood markets. It is the only sustainable seafood certification program to be undertaking this sort of performance evaluation at present.


In the report, environmental scientists Dr David Agnew and Dr Nicolas Gutierrez identified almost 400 improvements in MSC certified fisheries with the average improvement action plan taking only three years to complete.

Key improvements include:

  • 13 fisheries have completed stock improvements to reach best practice levels.
  • 22 fisheries have completed habitat and ecosystem improvements including gear modification, [additional investment in] research, and new closed areas
  • 64 fisheries have completed fishery management improvements including strengthened compliance with regulations

David Agnew "There’s a natural expectation from those involved in the MSC program, particularly consumers and retailers, that their actions are contributing to improving the status of the marine environment. The 2013 Global Impacts Report presents a quantitative evaluation of ‘on the water’ impacts, the contribution of the MSC to creating a market for sustainable seafood, and case studies of sustainable fisheries from across the globe."

Dr David Agnew,
Standards Director

More information

Key facts and findings

Fishery case studies

Download the full Global Impacts Report 2013 (PDF, 56 pages, 2075 KB)

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