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MSC scholarship program

The MSC has two students currently participating in its 2014 Scholarship program

Josu De Isusi Rivero, an MSc student in marine biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, will be examining the role of seafood market incentives on the sustainable uses of fishery resources in developing world countries.

Fanny Vessaz, who is also working on her MSc in marine biodiversity and conservation at the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil, will be assessing bycatch reduction devices as a management tool in the southern Brazilian artisanal seabob shrimp trawl fishery.

The students will receive funding of up to £4,000 to support their research projects, which will be taking place during 2014. As part of the scholarship program, Josu and Fanny will both send regular updates on their progress and once the research is done, they will each submit a paper detailing their work, which will be published by the MSC.

The 2015 Scholarship will be open to applicants in December 2014

  • projects will have as their objective the study of some aspect of environmental improvement, performance or best practice in fisheries management, or fish product supply chain management (direct linkage to a certified fishery or one wishing to become certified by the MSC is not a requirement, although this is an additional point of interest for the MSC).

Aspects of the MSC scholarship program;

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of environmental and fisheries science are able to further their studies through the MSC scholarship research program
  • The MSC will award travel and study scholarships, up to the value of £4,000 which is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students worldwide;
  • We welcome research projects with a particularly focus on Asia, South America and Africa;
  • The project must be completed within 12 months of the start date stated on the application form, and the final project report must be submitted within 15 months of the start date.

The program aims to support the transformation of the world’s seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practice, by supporting the study of the problems and solutions needed to achieve best practice in fisheries management and the integrity of the seafood supply chain.

Queries on the scholarship program should be emailed to 

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