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Sustainable Seafood Day Australia 2014

Friday, 21st of March, 2014

Celebrate our sustainable seafood champions by choosing MSC certified products on Friday March 21. By enjoying MSC labelled fish you are helping to reward fisheries who are working to safeguard seafood supplies for future generations.

What is Sustainable Seafood Day?

An annual event celebrating and rewarding sustainable fisheries, retailers and champions of MSC certified seafood. It’s about empowering seafood lovers and showing them how their choices can help make a positive difference to the world’s oceans.

This year the event will be held on Friday 21st of March 2014, and you can visit our facebook page for updates. More information on participating partners and how to get involved will also be available here around the time of the event.

With MSC everyday is Sustainable Seafood Day

While Sustainable Seafood Day is only one day of the year, you can still play an important role in safeguarding seafood stocks all year round by seeking out and buying MSC labelled seafood.

There are now around 200 canned and frozen seafood products bearing the blue MSC ecolabel available at leading retailers across Australia. To view the list of these products, visit our online Sustainable Seafood Product Finder.

Australian certified fisheries

Australian MSC certified sustainable fisheries include; the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF), Mackerel Icefish, HIMI Toothfish, Macquarie Island Toothfish, Spencer Gulf King prawns, Lakes and Coorong fisheries and the Western Rock Lobster; which was the first MSC certified sustainable fishery in the world and is the first to be re-certified for a third time.

Let’s work together for a future full of fish!

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