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Chilean Juan Fernández rock lobster fishery begins MSC full assessment process

Nov 22, 2013

On the 439th anniversary of the discovery of the Juan Fernández islands, the Juan Fernández rock lobster fishery has entered into MSC assessment.

First Estonian prawn fishery certified sustainable

Nov 22, 2013

Sustainable Barents Sea prawns now available in European and Far East markets

MSC launches fisheries science research library

Nov 20, 2013

The MSC Science Series publishes key research that underpins the MSC certification program. The open access library is free for everyone.

Polish cod fishers break new ground with MSC

Nov 20, 2013

Eastern Baltic cod fishery seeks market recognition for sustainable fishing.

MSC labelled Pacific skipjack tuna arrives in Europe

Nov 18, 2013

The world’s largest tuna fishery will be delivering the MSC labelled skipjack tuna from the Pacific into Europe in November 2013.

Small-scale Swedish freshwater fishery gains international recognition through MSC

Nov 13, 2013

Lake Hjälmaren pike-perch fishery has been successfully reassessed to the MSC environmental standard, making its catch eligible to carry the blue ecolabel.

Alaska Salmon Fishery Earns MSC Re-certification

Nov 12, 2013

Alaska salmon establishes a new milestone by becoming the first U.S. fishery to receive a third certification in the MSC program.

Fisheries certification update: November 2013

Nov 07, 2013

Since the last MSC newsletter in July 2013, new fisheries from around the world have been certified and recertified as meeting the MSC environmental standard.

Minister, retailers and children back the MSC in Denmark

Nov 07, 2013

Initial results from the 2013 consumer-awareness campaign in Denmark including a video featuring the Minister for fisheries, dressing up as a comedy fisherman.

Independent adjudicator issues provisional ruling in Alaska salmon fishery objection

Nov 05, 2013

An Independent Adjudicator has dismissed an objection to the proposed certification of the Alaska salmon fishery to the MSC standard.