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Germany North Sea brown shrimp

Last Updated: 23 December 2014
Number of fisheries: 1


Brown shrimp (Crangon crangon)

MSC assessment status

The certification body, Food Certification International Ltd., has announced that the site visit scheduled for the assessment of the Germany North Sea brown shrimp fishery, due to take place the week commencing 19th September 2011, has been postponed.

Please refer to the assessment downloads section for further information.

Fishery location

The fisheries for this shrimp are located within North Sea ICES subareas IVa, b and c.

Fishing method

Shrimp trawl

Fishery management

The core area of the shrimp fishery is the Wadden Sea – an area listed a European Marine Protected Area (MPA), a provision that falls under the Bird and Habitat Directive (BHD) of the European Union. Under this classification, anthropogenic activity taking place in this area is authorised only on the condition that sufficient evidence can be delivered which demonstrates that activities are not detrimental to the marine ecosystem.

Within the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) the North Sea brown shrimp fishery is not considered a pressure stock fishery, and so is not subject to management by TAC. It is, however, the subject of ongoing scrutiny for stock assessment and management purposes, and such work is coordinated through a fishery specific ICES working group.

Commercial market

Once caught, the Shrimp are typically cooked and cooled down on board of the vessels, landed to shore and transported to the premises of two Dutch owned processors that specialise in, and dominate, this trade. Here the shrimp are cooked, peeled and graded ready for use in a range of packages and product forms. In addition, small quantities of shrimp from these fisheries are also handled locally at a small and artisanal scale, producing traditional products for local sale.

Assessment timeline

The assessment is expected to take in the region of 12-13 months and scheduled for completion towards the beginning of 2011.

The target eligibility date for this fishery is the date of certification.

The MSC ecolabel can only be applied to product from certified fisheries. The MSC program does allow, in certain circumstances and within strict traceability requirements, the MSC ecolabel to be applied following certification to product caught before the actual date of certification. The target eligibility date therefore represents the date from which products may become eligible to carry the MSC ecolabel, however they cannot be sold until and if the fishery is certified. The actual eligibility date will be determined if the fishery is certified to the MSC standard.

To find out more about when fish from this fishery may be sold with the MSC ecolabel, please follow this link (

Tonnage of the fishery

In the 2008 fishing season, the landing tonnage for the Client group was 11,004 metric tonnes.

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