Peer Review College – recruitment notice

The MSC Peer Review College invites new applications from fisheries experts

The MSC Peer Review College provides peer reviewers for MSC fishery assessments, independently of the Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) who manage each assessment. 

The College is now inviting a third round of applications from experienced fisheries scientists and managers to act as occasional peer reviewers. 

The College was approved by the MSC’s Board of Trustees to enter into full implementation mode in June 2017. See How we meet best practice for an overview of the College’s structure and procedures.

Requirements and commitments

Peer reviewer candidates should have:

  • A university degree in fisheries, marine conservation biology, natural resources or environmental management or other relevant field; and/or at least three years management or research experience in marine conservation biology, natural resources or environmental management, relevant to fisheries research or management; and
  • Experience in at least one of the following competency areas: fish stock assessments, fish stock biology/ecology, fishing impacts on aquatic ecosystems, fishery management and operations (see the application form for further details).

Successful applicants will need to complete the MSC’s online training modules (if not already taken). Assignments would be performed from the peer reviewer’s own location (not on site), normally for two days for each peer review, with more time allowed for fisheries with more than 2 target species or gear types. Up to around 5 peer reviews per year could be assigned per reviewer.

Peer reviewers must act impartially and are required to notify the college of any potential conflicts of interest relating to any reviews they are offered (such as current or recent involvement in a fishery management agency to the extent that they could be reviewing the CAB’s interpretation of their own previous work).

Membership of the College need not prevent other work relating to the MSC, such as being a team member for a CAB, so long as potential conflicts of interest are avoided in specific assignments.

Peer reviewers are paid standard daily rates for their inputs, with a higher 'Level 2' rate paid to those with greater experience with MSC fishery assessments.


To apply

Interested candidates should apply for membership by completing the application form below and submitting it to along with a copy of their CV.

The candidate's details will be reviewed by the College's panel of third party experts, to confirm the relevance of their experience and the types of reviews that they would be appropriate for.

Approved applicants will be invited to a short training webinar giving further details on the Peer Review College and their role (dates will be offered in April).


MSC Peer Reviewer Application form v3.0
Date of issue: 10 February 2020

Closing date

The deadline for applications in this round is 7 April 2020

For any enquiries, please email

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