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Implementation timeframes for changes to scheme requirements


MSC has been looking to standardise the way changes to scheme requirements are made in order to enable better planning by affected or potentially affected parties, as well as clarity among the broader stakeholder community on what to expect from MSC policy development in relation to their interests and issues.


The objective of this consultation was to get stakeholder views on a proposed policy to standardise the way the MSC implements changes to the scheme requirements.

Results of the consultation

Comments were received from a range of stakeholders, who helped shape the proposal on implementation timeframes. These comments were supportive of the initiative, but with specific suggestions about the technical implementation. MSC provides specific responses via email to consultees on comments received.

The comments received were considered by the MSC's Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and addressed in the final version of the new requirements, now available for download here. More information of the agreed changes can be found on Recent Policy Changes

The new requirements and guidance have been issued to certifiers and will become effective on 10 March 2012.

Next steps

Certifiers will begin using new requirements as of 10 March 2012, and the MSC will immediately begin working to the new procedure for issuing scheme changes.

Further information

Please direct any enquiries to:
Amanda Stern-Pirlot 
+44 207 246 8948

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