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Recertification of fisheries with outstanding conditions


Conditions, and the corrective actions that they require, play a key role in the MSC fishery certification process. Where the fishery achieves a score greater than 60, but less than 80 for any Performance Indicator (PI), the certifier must set one or more conditions for continuing certification. Conditions provide for further improvement in the fishery and are intended to improve performance against MSC principles.

The clear intent of the MSC is that conditions should normally be met within the period of certification. Nevertheless, there are occasions when, despite adequate progress being made, conditions cannot be met within that time period.


The objective of this consultation was to receive stakeholder views on modifications to the MSC certification requirements, specifically to those pertaining to condition monitoring and reporting.The MSC has made amendments to specify more precisely how certifiers should handle situations where fisheries wishing to enter into re-assessment have conditions still outstanding.

Results of the consultation

Comments were received by a range of stakeholders, who were generally supportive of the reporting changes suggested. MSC provides specific responses via email to consultees on comments received.

The comments received were considered by the MSC's Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and addressed in the final version of the new certification requirements.

Download the MSC certification requirements

The new requirements and guidance have been issued to certifiers on 10 January 2012 and will become effective on 10 March 2012.

Next steps

Certifiers will begin using new requirements as of 10 March 2012.

Further information

Please direct any inquiries to:

Patricia Bianchi

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