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Fisheries improving towards MSC certification

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As market demand for sustainable seafood increases, more fisheries are interested in making the improvements necessary to become sustainable. This has led to considerable growth of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) that aim to move fisheries towards sustainability and MSC certification. 

Boats on beach MaldivesThe MSC definition of a credible FIP >

The MSC recognises the important contribution that credible FIPs can make to improving overall fisheries health and in promoting sustainable seafood. Find out more about the MSC definition of a credible FIP and the MSC’s four-step roadmap to sustainability.

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Fishery improvement tools >

MSC encourages fisheries that are making improvements to use the MSC standard and improvements tools to help the development and continued monitoring of progress towards MSC certification.

MSC training sessionMSC Capacity Building Program >

Our Capacity Building Program is designed to support global fisheries improving towards sustainability, through the provision of technical tools and training initiatives. The program aims to equip stakeholders engaged in FIPs with the knowledge and skills required to implement successful improvement projects. 

Technical consultant at workFind a consultant for fishery improvements >

Technical consultants can help your fishery make improvements to meet the MSC Standard. MSC provides a mechanism to increase technical consultant and assessor capacity in developing countries. 

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