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Community Catch newsletter

Find out what we’re doing to ensure small-scale and developing world fisheries have equal access to the benefits of MSC certification.

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Community Catch August 2017

Issue 19 - August 2017 

Update on MSC activities in Africa, global south fisheries in the new MSC Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and latest scholarship winners announcement.

Download the August 2017 Community Catch newsletter 
(PDF 508 kB)

Community Catch newsletter cover March 2017

Issue 18 - March 2017 

Focussing on a new project to map Octopus fisheries, MSC's scholarship research program and the new In Transition to MSC (ITM) program.

Download the March 2017 Community Catch newsletter 
(PDF 576 kB)

MSC Community Catch newsletter cover issue 16 November 2016

Issue 17 - November 2016 

Covering the MSC's Global Fisheries Sustainability Fund, Chilean lobster certification, capacity building workshops, Rio 2016 report and more.

Download the Nov 2016 Community Catch newsletter 
(PDF 733 kB)


MSC Community Catch newsletter cover issue 16 August 2016
Issue 16 - August 2016 

Focus on our new Capacity Bulding Toolkit, plus Global Sustainable Fisheries Fund and new policy topics for input.  
Download the August 2016 CommunityCatch newsletter
(PDF, 390kb) 

Community Catch newsletter cover April 2016
Issue 15 -
April 2016

Focus on FIPs and capacity building, plus the MSC and ASC collaboration on a sustainable seaweed standard.

Download the April 2016 CommunityCatch newsletter (PDF, 398kb)

Community Catch newsletter cover - volume 14 November 2015
Issue 14 - November 2015

Focus on Funding MSC certification: challenges and opportunities, plus a multispecies project in China, upcoming training events and more.

Download the November 2015 CommunityCatch newsletter
(PDF, 614kb)

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