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When you buy a product with the blue MSC label, you’re part of a virtuous circle that helps to protect the productivity and health of our oceans, now and for future generations.

MSC labeled products can be traced back to fisheries that have been independently certified as sustainable. As more consumers like you choose MSC certified products, more fisheries are encouraged to improve their fishing practices in order to achieve MSC certification. This is how we deliver real and lasting change. 

There are nearly 20,000 MSC labeled, certified sustainable seafood products sold around the world, from fresh fish to canned, frozen and prepared meals.

Look for them in your local market or ask your fishmonger.


Find the blue MSC label in the fresh fish case.


Check the freezer section for fish filets and prepared meals to feel good about what you feed your family.


Canned tuna and other fish are some of the most popular MSC certified products.


When supplementing your diet with Omega-3 rich fish oils, choose products derived from certified sustainable fisheries.


The MSC label makes it easier for pet owners to apply sustainable seafood choices to pet food.

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