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MSC around the world

Participation in the MSC program is growing fast. Find out about the fisheries and seafood companies getting involved around the world.

Sustainable seafood is a fast-growing market, and there are many opportunities for fisheries and seafood companies to be part of it. The MSC’s ecolabel – representing credible, third-party fishery certification and traceable, audited supply chains – is at the forefront of developing a market for certified sustainable seafood. Many seafood buyers now give ‘preferred supplier’ status to companies offering MSC-certified fish and some of the world's leading retailers have committed to sourcing 100% MSC-certified fish and seafood.

It is an exciting time for fisheries and seafood companies that want to build sustainability into their offer.

Know your market

Globally, retailers have led the demand for MSC-labelled seafood, supported by leading brands in frozen white fish. Restaurants and foodservice companies are also active, and public procurement contracts represent an growing segment with great potential. The independent market is also growing, with fishmongers, small-scale suppliers and independent hotels and restaurants recognising that the MSC label helps to win customer confidence and loyalty.

If your company wants to access these markets, please contact us to find out how the MSC can help.

Worldwide opportunities

In Europe there are several well developed markets that are characterised by consumers who are concerned about seafood sustainability and an active, engaged retail sector offering a wide choice of MSC products. The MSC label is easily available in supermarkets in Northern Europe. Germany counts the highest number of products available in one country and consumes the largest volume of MSC products - sourced from Alaska pollock, herring and Alaska salmon fisheries. Southern European markets, led by France, are also starting to be receptive, and MSC-labelled fish is available in Eastern Europe too.

In the Americas, the United States and Canadian retail sectors have shown rapid growth since 2005, fuelled by the significant amount of MSC-certified fish coming from North America. The American supply chain is now extensive, with more than 200 companies meeting the MSC Chain of Custody for seafood traceability. North American consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to make informed decisions when purchasing fish, and this is set to increase,

For companies active in the Asia-Pacific market, uptake of MSC-labelled products has been rapid in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. There are many opportunities for seafood companies supplying this influential market.  Many seafood processors in China are certified for MSC Chain of Custody, and these companies are linked to global supply chains. There is room for further growth in retail markets for sustainable seafood in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, where consumers are highly responsive to seafood sustainability messages.

In Africa, several fisheries are exploring MSC certification, and the certified sustainable South Africa hake fishery supplies a large number of MSC-labelled products to South African retailers. Currently, MSC-labelled fish is available in South Africa only, with this market positioned to expand in future.

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