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Common or blue mussel Mytilus edulis © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book

Mussels are sweet and tender, and vary in colour. They are sold live or frozen, and can be farmed or wild. Farmed mussels are more consistent in size and meat content than those harvested from the wild.

Blue mussels are abundant on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the united States, and are common throughout Europe. The shells vary in colour from light brown to greenish or dark blue and black. Meat colour varies from creamy white to brown and orange. The whole of the soft meat inside the shell is edible.

Where to buy sustainable mussels

Use our where to buy search to find shops and restaurants selling sustainable mussels near you.

Cook with mussels

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Certified sustainable mussel fisheries

Find mussel fisheries that have met the MSC standard for sustainable fishing.

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