Sustainable Seafood Day Australia 2016 — Marine Stewardship Council
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Sustainable Seafood Day Australia 2016

Sustainable Seafood Day 2015 logo -  #ForTheSea

Friday, 11th of March, 2016

Do your bit #ForTheSea and get involved with Sustainable Seafood Day this March! Register online at for your FREE hosting pack to have your very own sustainable seafood feast! Then all you have to do is grab your mates, some MSC certified sustainable seafood and enjoy a delicious meal knowing you’re playing a part in helping our oceans.

Prizes to win #ForTheSea

Post your pictures from your lunch or dinner online with #ForTheSea to win some awesome prizes! Make sure to use #ForTheSea and tag our instagram, Twitter or Facebook 

Do it #ForTheSea

Don’t know how to check if your seafood is MSC certified sustainable? Always look for the blue MSC ecolabel on seafood products or alternatively check out our online Sustainable Seafood Product Finder!

Love the ocean, look for the label!

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