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Access to the MSC program

To promote the accessibility of the MSC program for small-scale, developing world and pre-MSC fisheries, we have developed a range of accessibility tools and information brochures to facilitate their engagement.

These documents cover the following

  • What is the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)?
  • Examples of how small-scale and developing world fisheries have made improvements and have become MSC certified
  • Tools that pre-MSC fisheries and Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) can use on their pathway to sustainability and MSC certification.

These documents are periodically reviewed and updated in response to growth in the MSC program and changes in international best practice. 

Please feel free to share this material with anyone interested in our accessibility work.

DW brochures spreadAccessibility information

A list of brochures and leaflets that explain what we do, specifically focussed on our accessibility work. 

BMT cover

Accessibility tools

A list of  the latest versions of our tools to help pre-MSC fisheries and FIPs on their pathway toward sustainability. 



CommunityCatch MSC developing world newsletter cover January 2014

Community Catch newsletter

A list of the most recent issues of our newsletter about MSC's work with small-scale and developing world fisheries.

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