Topic 9: Plastic Ocean

In Topic 9 we dive deeper to take a closer look at interesting issues or case studies related to fisheries and our ocean, Tangaroa.

Dive in and explore Topic 9

Topic 9 is structured differently to other topics with a greater emphasis on student directed and inquiry-based learning; and includes material adaptable for levels 5 - 8. 

Learners are encouraged to

    1. Investigate the issue
    2. Explore different opinions and perspectives on the issue
    3. Complete research tasks to deepen understanding
    4. Consider and justify their own viewpoint
    5. Explore solutions and determine possible actions
    6. Select, carry out and evaluate the effectiveness of an action to help alleviate the issue
    7. Share findings

Overarching Focus Question

How do I research and present findings on a contemporary ocean sustainability issue?

Ghost fishing

9.1 Ghost Fishing in a Plastic Ocean

This case study inquires into the issue of plastic pollution in the sea, particularly ghost fishing and fishing related pollution.

🎚  Level: 5-8

📚 Includes: Facilitated and self-directed learning activities and an opportunity for learners to share their findings

Curriculum areas: Science, Pūtaiao, Social Studies (Place and Environment), Tikanga-ā-iwi, Geography, Hauora

🌟 Key competencies: Thinking; Managing self; Relating to others; Participating & contributing

🔤 Keywords: Plastic; Ghost fishing; Biodegradable; Monofilament

📌  Location: Indoors & Outdoors

⏭  Next steps (this topic): Coming soon

📚 Prior learning: Topic 1 – Sustainable Fishing (1.4); Blue Fish Tick (1.3); Topic 4 – Fishing Methods (4.1); Topic 7 – Aotearoa Business of Fishing Today (7.2)

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