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Have you ever wondered about the eating habits of cannibalistic sea slugs? Pondered if flying cod do actually fly? Questioned If the giant squid (remember that terrifying creature summoned by Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean II) really is a thing or wanted to know the largest predator ever thought to have lived (it’s probably the megalodon shark)?

Well, you're in luck. The MSC has ocean experts. Lots of them. They spend their time researching the ocean in order to safeguard seafood for future generations and ensure the habitats of our weird and wonderful marine creatures remain healthy. 

Our experts want to hear your questions, whether you're at school, a parent or someone interested in the oceans. The more unusual the better. 

To get your mind ticking, we've included some starter questions below.

Vintage engraving of The Kraken, sea monster in black and white


  • Is the Kraken just a myth?
  • What's the deepest ocean?
  • What's the angriest looking fish in the ocean?
  • Is a jellyfish a fish?

Ask our Ocean experts a question

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The best questions will be answered by our ocean experts and featured here from Monday 8 June 2020, World Oceans Day

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World Oceans Day

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