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Dive into new home-schooling resources on oceans

April 22, 2020

Kids, parents and teachers looking for new activities during the coronavirus lockdown can now turn to a new ocean-themed education pack from The Marine Stewardship Council. 

The free pack includes a short film, activities and lesson plans exploring the marine ecosystem and how choosing sustainable seafood ensures there is enough for future generations. As well as educational resources, there are fun and easy recipes, activities and games for the whole family. 

The learning materials cover geography and biology through exploration of topics such as the marine ecosystem and its food chains, life as a fisher, why overfishing is harmful, what bycatch is, the global fish trade and food security. 

Kate Jones, Education Curriculum Specialist at the Marine Stewardship Council said

“Overfishing remains one of the greatest threats to our oceans and this pack seeks to inform and entertain the younger generation.

"We know that children are really concerned about preserving our natural world. These fun resources will help youngsters – from teenagers as well as younger children - learn more about how the choices we make can affect our oceans for generations to come.” 

Here are some activities to try:

1. Home school on ocean health using these resources

2. Play these games and activities

3. Watch the award-winning short film ‘My dad the fisherman’ 

4. Unwind with these colouring activities of sea creatures which can be therapeutic 

5. Try these tinned fish recipes with sustainable seafood

6. Follow these simple tips to help the oceans from your kitchen 

7. Follow these 360 fishing boat tours of fishers at sea

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