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Dive into October National Seafood Month with the Marine Stewardship Council’s New Educational Guide to Sustainable Seafood

October 1, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 1, 2020 – The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a nonprofit whose sole mission is to end overfishing, today released a new resource designed to help Americans choose seafood that is “Good for you and the ocean too.” The MSC Blue Fish Guide, a digital guidebook available on the MSC-North America website, is a helpful resource for Americans who want to add more seafood to their diets without costing the planet.

The Guide’s release is timely with Seafood Month but also because according to a 2020 global study conducted by an independent research and strategy consultancy, GlobeScan, and commissioned by MSC, 55% of U.S. seafood consumers believe  that we must consume seafood only from sustainable sources to protect the ocean. Furthermore, 64% of Americans want retailers’ and brands’ claims about sustainability and the environment to be clearly labeled by an independent organization, such as the MSC. 

The MSC Blue Fish Guide helps consumers navigate the sustainable seafood landscape so they can make decisions that are both ocean friendly and dinner friendly. Included in the Guide are visuals showing where to look for sustainable seafood in the grocery store; an introduction to seafood certifications and ratings; information about different fish species; great ways to cook your favorite fish and more.

“The MSC Blue Fish Guide provides a trustworthy resource for Americans wanting to add more ocean-friendly seafood choices to their diets,” said Brian Perkins, regional director for the Americas at the MSC Marine Stewardship Council. “The guide is easy to download or pull up on your phone so busy shoppers can reference it to make the best decision for their budget, taste preferences and the ocean. Navigating the waters becomes much easier when we can take shoppers on the ocean-to-plate journey, right in the palms of their hands.”

One-third of fisheries worldwide are unsustainably managed, which can ultimately lead to overfishing, increased bycatch, and other negative impacts on our ocean’s health (SOFIA 2020). But seafood that is certified sustainable and carries the MSC blue fish logo comes from healthy fish populations, keeps the marine environment intact, and is caught with oversight from regional and national management bodies. Americans rank concern over ocean health and the decline of fish populations third in their top environmental concerns, which is higher than the global average of sixth (GlobeScan). One third of Americans are also eating more seafood than they were five years ago (GlobeScan). With increased consumption comes increased responsibility - eating sustainably caught options helps to keep fish populations healthy and available for future generations of seafood lovers and for overall ocean health.

The MSC will continue to share educational, inspirational and entertaining content from the MSC Blue Fish Guide on social media all month long – all of which is aimed at raising awareness of the important role certified seafood plays in a healthy ocean, and deepening understanding of the MSC blue fish label. Shoppers can refer to the guide for species-specific information, recipes, to learn which aisles to shop and more through October Seafood Month and beyond.
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Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans

Certified sustainable seafood bearing the MSC blue fish label helps to promote healthy oceans. Learn more about #FeelGoodSeafood that's good for you and the ocean too.

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