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Fill up with a sustainable British classic: MSC fish and chips at the Olympics

June 11, 2014

Anyone who has been to one of the London2012 sites will already know, cheering makes you hungry. And there’s only so much cheering you can do on an empty stomach. Fortunately, help is at hand from a British classic, sustainably sourced of course.

The London 2012 Food Vision specified that fish served at the Olympics has to be ‘demonstrably sustainable’ – including MSC certified. As a result, all of the fish sold as fish and chips comes from MSC certified fisheries.

Over 40 tonnes consumed so far

The fish and chips on sale to the public join a range of MSC certified seafood at the games from MSC certified hoki in Filet-o-Fish at the world’s busiest McDonald’s in line with the company’s long term commitment to sustainably sourced fish right across Europe to the MSC certified Jersey lobsters, served to honoured guests at the opening ceremony. Just over half way through the Olympics, hungry fans have already consumed an estimate 40 tonnes of seafood at the games.

Toby Middleton, UK Manager for the MSC says:  “London 2012 promised to be the most sustainable Olympics ever and we’ve certainly seen that living up to its promise with the seafood sourcing. The commitments made by Olympics suppliers will inspire people around the world to consider where their fish comes from and when they get home – in over 80 countries around the world – they’ll be able to choose MSC certified options.”  

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