Transition Assistance Fund

The Transition Assistance Fund supports small-scale fisheries and fisheries in the Global South on their pathway to sustainability, and is part of our Ocean Stewardship Fund.

Since 2020, 15 fishery improvement projects in Indonesia, India, Mexico and South Africa, verified through the  In-Transition to MSC program, have received financial support through the Ocean Stewardship Fund.

Fisheries with verified action plans can apply for support to cover the costs of implementing improvements as well as the costs associated with progress verification.

In 2022, £280,000 was awarded to 6 fishery improvement projects:

Aims of the fund

  • Increase the number of small-scale fisheries and fisheries in the Global South transitioning toward sustainable practices through our In-Transition to MSC program
  • Incentivise fisheries in the In-Transition to MSC program to continue to work toward MSC certification.
  • Support the costs associated with implementing improvements identified in fisheries' action plans.

What grants are available?

Amount of funding available: up to £50,000 

Duration of funding: two years 

Deadline for applications: applications are now closed for 2022

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Who can apply?

The Transition Assistance Fund welcomes applications from any small-scale fisheries or fisheries in the Global South who are part of the In-Transition to MSC (ITM) program.

The ITM program provides independent verification for fisheries committed to becoming MSC certified by entering full assessment.

Submissions by organisations must be made by a named individual who will be responsible for that project.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • Meeting the ITM eligibility or progress status 
  • Clarity and feasibility of the project outcomes and key performance indicators within the timelines   
  • Contribution of the project to improvements in the fishery 
  • Competency of the ITM project manager 
  • Experience and track record in fisheries improvements of the implementing organisation 
  • Evidence of matched or additional funding 

How to apply

The Transition Assistance Fund is now closed. 

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