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After certification

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Getting certified is the start of an exciting journey toward improved sustainability and the benefits that can come with that. We're here to support you on that journey. 

 Key points:

  • A Public Certification Report with an action plan and certificate from your certifier will be sent to you.
  • Your fishery is now certified for a maximum period of 5 years, subject to annual surveillance audits. 
  • Communications support from MSC is available.

Enhanced market access

You'll be part of a program with over 300 fisheries engaged which together are recording close to ten million metric tonnes of seafood representing eleven per cent of the annual global harvest of wild capture fisheries. Worldwide more than 25,000 seafood products, which can be traced back to the certified sustainable fishery, bear the blue MSC label. Consumer facing MSC-labelled products have a retail market value of $4.8 billion USD.


Promoting your certified sustainable seafood

MSC ecolabelNow that your fishery is certified, your clients may wish to also consider getting certified to the MSC Chain of Custody Standard. This means that products from your MSC certified fishery can bear the blue MSC label on packs or menus. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard gives assurance that products bearing the blue MSC label come from a certified sustainable source. You can direct your clients to Get Certified! Chain of Custody for more information.

Post-certification requirements

Your certifier is required to carry out audits annually over the five year period of fishery certification. Audits will examine any significant changes that might have occurred either in the physical environment or in the management of the fishery.

  • Your certifier has the right to conduct an unannounced audit at any time or schedule more frequent audits if circumstances indicate the need. 
  • Ensure your budget includes sufficient funds to cover the cost of audits for the duration of the certificate.
  • Failure to make adequate progress can be enough justification for the certifier to suspend or withdraw your certificate.
  • Details of planned dates for surveillance visits are made publicly available on the MSC website.

One of the many ways we're raising awareness of sustainable seafood...

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