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Steps and costs to get your fishery certified

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Good preparation is the key to smooth certification. While assessment to MSC Fisheries Standard is carried out by accredited third-party certification bodies, we are here to help you before, during, and after the process.

Key stages of MSC certification

"If there is one piece of advice I would give to a fishery entering the MSC process, it’s get organised – make sure you have a really great project manager to take you through it."  - David Carter, CEO, Austral Fisheries, Australia

1.  Pre-assessment (optional)

Identifies any potential challenges for certification. If the pre-assessment is positive a fishery may decide to proceed directly to full assessment. Alternatively a fishery may first address the issues that need improvement through an action plan, before entering full assessment.

2. Full assessment

Includes opportunities for stakeholder input and peer review. Takes between 6 and 18 months.

3. Certification

Lasts up to 5 years. During this time the fishery makes any improvements required as a condition of certification.

4. Annual audits

Carried out by the certifier to ensure continued compliance.

5. Reassessment

Within five years of the last certificate being granted.

Cost and time

Time and costs can vary depending on your fishery. It’s always best to speak to an MSC representative who can guide you through the process.

Assessments are conducted by independent certifiers - Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB), who charge a price based on their own pricing structure. We recommend that you get a few quotes and take in to account the certifiers experience with your region, gear type and species as well as the price.

You will need to budget to cover the cost of each key stage of MSC certification. Sometimes, there are grants that you can apply for. Your local MSC representative can advise you on how to apply for these.

Checklist for success

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