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Get certified! Restaurants

Show your customers how seriously you are taking sustainable seafood sourcing by using the MSC ecolabel on the menu in your restaurant.

If you are already buying MSC certified fish from your supplier, get an ecolabel license and use the MSC ecolabel to promote certified sustainable choices in your restaurant.

Visgilde launch eventWhy use the MSC ecolabel?

Certification and the MSC ecolabel can bring many benefits to your restaurant.


MSC ecolabelWhat is the MSC ecolabel?

The MSC ecolabel is the most trusted and recognised indicator of seafood sustainability. Find out what it means when you see the MSC ecolabel on a menu.


MSC logo on a Moshi Moshi menu3 steps to using the ecolabel on menus

There are 3 steps to using the MSC ecolabel on your menu - source sustainable seafood, get certified, and get an Ecolabel License. Find out more about each step and how your restaurant can use the MSC ecolabel.


MSC on the menu 64x64'MSC on the menu' video series

Find out what's involved in the MSC certification process from chefs and others in the catering industry. This step by step video series explains the stages in the certification process and the benefits of certification.


Kristofor Longren - Owner of Bamboo Sushi, USAWhat restaurants say about MSC 

Restaurants around the world are already using the MSC ecolabel - find out what they have to say about the MSC and the benefits that certification and the ecolabel bring.


How much does it costCosts

Find out how much it will cost your restaurant to get certified and use the MSC ecolabel.

We're here to help you through the process and help you make the most of using the ecolabel in your restaurant.


MSC Chain of Custody case studiesRestaurant case studies

Restaurants that are using the MSC ecolabel share their top tips for making traceability easy and reaping the benefits of the MSC ecolabel.

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