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What restaurants say

The first certified restaurants using the MSC ecolabel are pioneers in a new wave in sustainable seafood sourcing in restaurants. MSC certification brings many benefits for a restaurant.

Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons: Using the MSC ecolabel

Hear what Gary Jones, Head Chef at UK restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, has to say about the benefits that getting certified and using the MSC ecolabel can bring to restaurants:



Sarriel Taus from Fifteen Amsterdam Prove your ethical sourcing

"Jamie Oliver already used the MSC website to choose sustainable fish. It therefore was a logical step for Fifteen to get the MSC certification in order to show our customers that we use sustainable fish. The more people are aware of the blue logo, the more they will ask for it."

Sarriel Taus, Fifteen
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Access new Kristofor Longren - Owner of Bamboo Sushi, USAmarketing opportunities

“I want to show first that it can be done, that restaurants can make the commitment to source only sustainable seafood... I also want to show that it will contribute to business success. I believe people care about how their actions affect the environment and when they are made aware of options, they will support restaurants that demonstrate they are sourcing sustainably.”

Kristofor Lofgren, Owner, Bamboo Sushi

Chef patron, Raymond Blanc at Le manoir aux Quat SaisonsBe a market leader

“I passionately believe that it is up to each of us, be it consumer or chef, to make a responsible choice. By supporting MSC, I am ensuring that as a chef, I am helping to ensure that fish stocks will be replenished for generations to come. I also hope that many more chefs will join this worthy cause.”

Raymond Blanc, Chef patron, Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons
Oxfordshire, UK

Caroline Bennet - Founder of sushi restaurant Moshi Moshi - UKGet your staff involved

 “What surprised me about the certification process, was that our staff really got into it. They learnt a lot and now are really keen to talk about this huge issue in the seas and about how our business is contributing to the solution”

Caroline Bennett, Proprietor,  Moshi Moshi,
London & Brighton, UK


Take the next step - use the MSC ecolabel in your restaurant

How to get certified and reap the benefits of using the MSC ecolabel in your restaurant.

Find out which retailers and restaurants are already offering MSC-labelled certified sustainable seafood options in your country. 



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