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Conventional assessment

What does a Chain of Custody assessment involve?

A certifier will visit your restaurant to carry out the audit. They will walk around your premises, ask to see in your fridges and freezers, ask about staff training, look at your record keeping system and so on to ensure that your restaurant meets the MSC Chain of Custody standard.

How long will the audit take?

The certifier spends approximately 1 day at your restaurant, but you should ask your certifier to estimate the amount of time the audit will take. The more you can prepare for the audit, the quicker it will be.

Can I combine a Chain of Custody audit with other audits?

You may be able to combine your MSC audit with others – such as ISO 9000, IFS or BRS – if your certifier is qualified.

Take the next step

If you're ready, the next step is to appoint a certifier to carry out the audit. We recommend getting quotes from some of the list of accredited Chain of Custody certifiers who can carry out your assessment.

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