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Chain of Custody Partnerships

The MSC is seeking new ways to develop partnerships with other standard setters and certification schemes to achieve:

  • Efficiency: Supply chain partners will be able to get certified with one audit.
  • Replicability: The MSC is working in a non-exclusive partnership and we are keen to develop a solution that has wider applicability.
  • Independence: The MSC is still an independent wild capture sustainability standard setter. Each organisation is responsible for their own claim.

How does the certification process work?

If you are already certified for MSC Chain of Custody, a risk assessment will be carried out . You may be able to be issued a new certificate without an on-site visit. Howeverm  though if new activities will take place, an audit may be needed. The requirements state that audit reports must be combined – this is to save time for the certifier, which should save cost for the client.

A Collaboration with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council 

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody requirements have been incorporated within MSC's Certification Requirements. All ASC supply chain companies are assessed against MSC Standard. Clients receive a certificate for ASC Chain of Custody and a certificate for MSC Chain of Custody. Both of these are issued against the standard, but one will have MSC products in its scope, the other will have ASC products in its scope. The same certifier will issue both certificates.

Although this is an important collaboration, the ASC remains a separate organisation that will use a different logo. Longer term, the MSC envisages working with other relevant organisations to increase efficiencies in supply chains.

Logo Licensing services for ASC

The Marine Stewardship Council International (MSCI) is administering ASC’s logo licensing function, including handling the issuing of license agreements and product approvals for companies wishing to use the ASC logo. This approach means that MSC licensees will already be familiar with the process to seek product approval and report on sales of labelled products.

For further information on Chain of Custody please contact 

For further information on Logo Licensing please contact

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