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How can I get chain of custody certified?

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Chain of Custody ensures traceability of certified sustainable seafood through every stage of processing, from fishery to final consumer. All companies in the supply chain that wish to handle or sell MSC certified product, must have Chain of Custody certification.

To receive MSC certification, a business must meet the requirements within the MSC Chain of Custody Standard. The standard gives access to a diverse range of companies. It consists of one main (Default) version along with Group and Consumer-Facing Organisation versions:
  • Default – Applicable to single or multi-site company that is handling or trading certified products
  • Group – Applicable to any organisation handling certified products at multiple sites, where each site is controlled and monitored by a head office
  • Consumer-Facing Organisation  – Applicable to most companies of any size that sell directly to final consumers

Key steps to MSC certification

Flow chart showing MSC Chain of Custody certification process: 1. Choose a certification body 2. Prepare for the audit 3. Complete the audit 4. Receive certificate and code 5. Use the MSC ecolabel

The chain of custody certification process - from application to the awarding of certificate - is managed by an independent and accredited certification body. The certification body will appoint an expert auditor to assess your business against the MSC Standard. The MSC doesn't carry out audits or award certification.

Certification bodies will be able to advise which version of the Standard will suit your organisation.

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Time and cost of getting certified

The cost of the initial and subsequent audits can vary and depends on the complexity and size of your operation, and it is likely to include travel costs, audit fees and possibly other charges such as changes in your business scope. The certification body will be able to estimate the amount of time the audit will take and its costs.

Tip: Get a range of quotes from accredited certification bodies and prepare well for your audit.

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