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What does the ecolabel look like?

Findus product with MSC ecolabel

The MSC ecolabel is made up of 6 elements:

  • fish checkmark - a fish body that incorporates a checkmark (tick)
  • 'MSC' initials - representing Marine Stewardship Council, the owner of the ecolabel
  • 'certified sustainable seafood' - the meaning of the MSC ecolabel
  • www.msc.org - the MSC's web site address
  • white keyline - this outlines the fish checkmark and ecolabel as a whole
  • TM - indicting that the MSC ecolabel is a trademark

To suit your packaging needs the MSC ecolabel is available

  • in landscape and portrait formats
  • in colour or in black and white
  • as JPG, TIFF, AI, EPS or BMP files.

The MSC ecolabel and non-English languages 

MSC ecolabel - German
Translated ecolabel text:
The text ‘Certified Sustainable Seafood’ on the ecolabel can be translated into other languages - approved translations are available from the MSC.


MSC ecolabel - Multi language version
Generic option
: In countries that require text on packaging to be printed in more than 1 language, a further variation is available in which the textbox only contains the text ‘MSC’ and the MSC website address.


The MSC claim - explaining the ecolabel 

When the MSC ecolabel is displayed on a seafood product (including packaging, fish counters, pricelists, menus etc) it must always be accompanied by the MSC claim. The claim is short text that explains and substantiates the MSC ecolabel.

The claim is available in 3 versions for packaged products and 1 version for menus and catering lists. Shortened versions are available for organisations that have multiple language packaging requirements.

Find out more about the MSC claim


How was the MSC ecolabel developed? 

The current version of the MSC ecolabel has been in use since June 2009. This ecolabel is the result of extensive consultation and research over a 14 month period. The process was led by Saatchi & Saatchi X, the global advertising and marketing agency, and involved

  • research with consumers in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan
  • extensive consultation with our partners around the world, through surveys, workshops, face-to-face meetings and concept testing.

Take the next step - use the MSC ecolabel

Find out more about why you should use the MSC ecolabel or apply now for an ecolabel licence.

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