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Why use the MSC ecolabel?

The MSC ecolabel on your seafood is a great way to show your commitment to seafood sustainability. It is the most widely recognised and trusted indicator of seafood sustainability, allowing you to demonstrate best practice in sustainable seafood sourcing.

What does the ecolabel mean to your customers?

The MSC ecolabel provides independent, third party verification that your seafood product comes from a sustainable fishery.

The ecolabel has been shown to add value to a brand by enhancing its sustainability credentials. An independent consumer research survey conducted for the MSC* shows how the MSC ecolabel can benefit a brand's sustainability credentials. When asked about MSC-labelled products, there was a 69% or greater agreement from respondents that:

  • The brand is a responsible business
  • The brand is concerned about the future of fish stocks
  • Respondents had a better feeling about the brand
  • Respondents were more likely to buy the product
  • Respondents are rewarding a good business when they buy the product

(* Research from Two Minds Dec 2008 – 800 respondents across USA, UK, Germany and Japan)

Benefits of using the MSC ecolabel 

Using the MSC ecolabel on your seafood could bring the following benefits:

Knowing your fish is sustainable: The MSC ecolabel means you know the fish comes from a sustainable source. No guessing or further research is needed – it’s assured. This is because only fisheries that meet the highest standards of sustainability are certified as meeting the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing.

Securing your supply: By choosing MSC-certified seafood you can access over 1000 certified suppliers through the MSC supplier directory. The MSC Chain of Custody program makes sure that every company in the supply chain is independently audited to prove its MSC-certified seafood can be traced back to a certified sustainable fishery.

Enhancing your reputation: Using the MSC ecolabel will demonstrate your company's commitment to sustainability. The MSC is recognised globally as having the highest standard for sustainable fishing. The rigorous, independent fishery assessment process ensures credibility and provides customers with reassurance of your environmental responsible sourcing. We can provide stories about the certified fisheries that your seafood comes from.

Feeling good about the future: MSC certified businesses report that managers and staff experience added motivation and pride, knowing that they are helping to safeguard the future by contributing to the growing market for certified, sustainable fish.

Take the next step - Apply for an ecolabel licence

Reap the benefits and apply for an ecolabel licence.

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