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About the Monitoring and Evaluation Program

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program aims to achieve a clear understanding of the environmental and organisational impacts of the MSC. It also provides the scientific foundation for a transparent, impartial and consistent MSC program.

The M&E program collects empirical data which is then used to measure against the MSC's sustainability and strategy outcome objectives.

The objectives of the Monitoring and Evaluation Program include:

  • Maintain credibility by producing robust analysis and evidence of the environmental impacts of MSC certified fisheries.
  • Promote effectiveness by facilitating evidence-based decision making and reporting.
  • Enhance cross-organisational efficiency and learning by contributing to the global scientific understanding of fish stocks, fisheries management best practice and seafood certification.
  • Provide accountability to donors and stakeholders on the contribution of MSC certification to the sustainability of fish stocks globally.

As a member of the ISEAL Alliance of sustainability standard setters, the MSC is required to publicly report on its evaluations and conform to ISEAL Impacts Code. This code provides a framework for better measurement of MSC's sustainability program. Our annual Global Impacts Report, compiled by the M&E team, ensures we achieve this. 

Contact the Monitoring and Evaluation team

Contact us for more information or advice. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.

More information

Learn more about how the MSC monitors and evaluates the impacts of certification.
Monitoring and Evaluation framework > (PDF 449 KB)
How the monitoring and evaluation system was originally designed, and how it has improved over time based on feedback from stakeholders:

Monitoring and Evaluation workshop report 2006 > (PDF 449 KB)

Monitoring and Evaluation consultation paper 2011 > (PDF 511KB)

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