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MSC Science Series review process

The MSC Science Series publishes key research, often produced in collaboration with many of the world’s leading scientific institutes, which underpins the MSC certification program. The web library serves as a knowledge sharing space, where stakeholders with an interest in sustainable fishing practices can access the research for free. The series is published bi-annually.

About the review process

MSC Science Series has established an internal review process, which addresses the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, and reliability of the information it publishes. Two panels have been set up for this process, the ‘review panel’ and the ‘editorial panel’, with each having separate responsibilities within the process.

Review panel

The review panel consists of MSC staff and external reviewers. They include:

Dr David Agnew, Standards Director of the MSC and chair of the review panel

Dr Christopher Zimmermann, Chair of MSC Technical Advisory Board, Deputy Director of the Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries

Dr Victor Restrepo, MSC Technical Advisory Board member, Chair for the Scientific Advisory Committee and board member of International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)

Their main duties include:

  • Check the appropriateness of the topic with respect to the scope of the MSC Science Series
  • Analyse the content of each manuscript and check for completeness and scientific rigour
  • Provide comments to the Editorial Panel and authors on ways to improve the manuscripts.

Editorial panel

The editorial panel consists of MSC staff and an external consultant.They include:

Dr Magnus Johnson, Senior lecturer at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Science, University of Hull

Dr Daniel Hoggarth, Fisheries Oversight Director at the MSC

Dr Jim Humphreys, Fisheries Director, Americas at the MSC

Dr Robert Lefebure, Fisheries Assessment Manager at the MSC

Ms Megan Atcheson, Fisheries Assessment Manager at the MSC

Ms Lucy Anderson, Science Communications Manager at the MSC

Their main duties include:

  • Ensuring that the manuscripts submitted for publication are of high quality, scientifically rigorous and within the scope of the MSC Science 
  • Final sign off for the publications.

Administration of the MSC Science Series is managed by Shen Yan Liow, Standards Training and Communications Officer. All queries concerning the content of the MSC Science Series should be directed .  

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