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Fisheries certification update: March 2014

March 28, 2014

Since the last MSC newsletter in November 2013, new fisheries from all over the world have been certified and recertified to the MSC standard for sustainable fishing. As of March 2014, 221 fisheries are certified.

Shrimp and prawn certifications and recertifications

November and December 2013 brought brand new certifications for the Faroe Islands North East Arctic cold water prawn and the Estonia North East Arctic cold water prawn fisheries.

2014 brings good news for Canadian waters as both the Canada Scotian Shelf Northern prawn trawl and the newly combined Gulf of St. Lawrence northern shrimp earned recertification.  

Three new mussel and scallop certifications mean more sustainable mollusks

February 2014 saw the SSPO Swedish West Coast Rope Grown mussel and Chilean mussel fishery and suspended culture Toralla S.A and Cultivos Toralla S.A fisheries earn their sustainable credentials. The later became the first Chilean fishery to be MSC certified

US Atlantic sea scallop, the "most valuable fishery in the United States", was awarded its certificate in December. More in the America's fishery update.

Spanish cod enters the program

Certification of the large AGARBA Spain Barents Sea cod fishery in November means good news for the southern European whitefish market.

Small scale Swedish fishery returns

The Lake Hjälmaren pike perch fishery was the world’s first freshwater fishery and the first Swedish fishery to become MSC certified in 2006. It was recertified in November 2013.

Salmon: milestone recertification

Also in November, the Alaska salmon fishery earned recertification, establishing a new milestone by becoming the first U.S. fishery to receive a third certification in the MSC program.

Fifth toothfish fishery is certified

March 2014 sees the certification of the Falkland Island toothfish fishery. From April, its catch will be eligible to be sold with the MSC ecolabel both locally and in the USA and Asia.  

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