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Olly's Fish Experience adds UK's widest choice of certified sustainable fish

March 12, 2014

Olley's Fish Experience in Herne Hill, South London has become the first fish & chip shop in the UK to add a total of eight MSC certified species of fish to their menu. It now offers the widest choice of MSC certified fish in the country.

Meeting customer demand for sustainability

Harry Niazi, owner of Olley’s said: "Over the past few years we have come to realise how important sustainability is to the future of our business, and our customers too. Customers do ask questions about where our fish comes from, and we are proud to be serving a big range of fish that we can confidently say are fully traceable back to an MSC certified fishery. We are really looking forward to having the MSC ecolabel on the menu."

A unique choice

The MSC label is increasingly familiar in the UK and it can be found on over 1,000 products in supermarkets from cat food to sushi. In London, however, Olley's is only the second fish and chip to have certified sustainable fish on its menu. By adding eight species to a seasonally-changing menu, Olley's offers a choice, which George Clark, UK Commercial Manager at the MSC, says is truly unique: "About 30 fish and chip shops in the UK have MSC certification for traditional favourites like cod, haddock and hake. Olley's is taking a huge leap – offering wild-caught prawns, sardines, scallops, herring and mussels – all from MSC-certified fisheries. This is a remarkable achievement which is helping to transform the seafood market."

Marine Stewardship Council certification allows a restaurant to display the MSC's distinctive blue ecolabel on the menu, giving customers visible independent assurance that the product is both sustainably caught and fully traceable.

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