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Mackerel, (Scomber scombrus)

Mackerel, (Scomber scombrus)

MSC welcomes action plan on mackerel

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Jun 26, 2012

The MSC has today welcomed an action plan that is aimed at solving the ongoing mackerel dispute in the North East Atlantic. The plan was submitted by the Mackerel Industry Northern Sustainability Alliance (MINSA) – a group of the 7 MSC certified mackerel fisheries whose certificates are currently suspended as a result of the impasse. The successful development of the action plan means that the fisheries’ certificates may remain suspended until the situation is resolved – when they will be re-instated without the need for a full reassessment.[1]

'Important step'

"The commitment and international cooperation between these fisheries is unparalleled..."

MSC Deputy Director Europe, Camiel Derichs said: “This is an important step towards resolving this situation and towards the reinstatement of the fisheries’ certificates. It is worth acknowledging that the gap between the negotiating parties has significantly reduced in the past six months and I am confident that this plan will bring about the resolution that everyone involved in the mackerel fishery is looking for.

The commitment and international cooperation between these fisheries is unparalleled and I am hopeful that certificates can be reinstated soon.”

The action plan includes

-    Lobbying of relevant management bodies to promote a message based on the need for sustainable and well-managed fisheries and the consequences of unsustainable fisheries.
-    Engagement with the scientific community including collaboration with a project to establish the mackerel biomass more accurately using electronic sounding equipment
-    Lobbying on trade measures
-    Media work to influence politicians.

For more details, please see the 'downloads' pages for the North East Atlantic mackerel fisheries

[1] Providing the fisheries’ individual certificates are no more than five years old. Otherwise, as with normal MSC certifications, a 5-yearly re-assessment will be required.

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