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Iceland North East Atlantic Blue Whiting fishery receives MSC certification

Jan 18, 2018

All Icelandic pelagic catch is now MSC certified as sustainable, and 90% of all catch from Iceland MSC certified.

Japan’s pole-and-line tuna fishery enters MSC assessment

Dec 19, 2017

Ishihara Marine Products' long established traditional tuna fisheries aim to be certified as sustainable

First brown shrimp fishery achieves MSC certificate for sustainability

Dec 13, 2017

The North Sea brown shrimp fishery (Crangon crangon) — operating in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands — has achieved MSC certification.

Iceland’s mackerel fishery gains MSC certification

Oct 31, 2017

Iceland’s mackerel fishery has achieved MSC certification as a sustainable

Arctic Greenland halibut certified as sustainable

Oct 31, 2017

Greenland’s halibut has been MSC certified as a sustainable and well-managed fishery.

Western Australia Abalone World’s first to achieve International Sustainability Certification

Oct 26, 2017

Western Australia abalone now eligible to carry blue MSC ecolabel- Greenlip, Brownlip and Roe’s abalone are world first to join the MSC program

Certification of ling, tusk and lumpfish means 69% of Norwegian wild catch is MSC certified

Oct 10, 2017

After a thorough review of the Norwegian ling, tusk and lumpfish fisheries they have achieved MSC certification.

Iceland adds world’s 1st MSC certified tusk, wolf fish and blue ling to its portfolio

Oct 09, 2017

The newly-certified fishery will also increase the supply of MSC certified plaice to the UK.

MSC awards more than £200,000 for research projects in small scale and developing world fisheries

Sep 25, 2017

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has awarded funding of more than £200,000 to five projects that will aid small scale and developing world fisheries.

Camanchaca Pesca achieves MSC Certification for langostino lobster fisheries

Sep 21, 2017

Camanchaca Pesca has obtained MSC certification. The certification covers the red & yellow langostino lobster fisheries in the southern central areas of Chile.