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How to use RSS feeds

What are RSS feeds and how can they help me?

RSS feeds enable you to view all updates to your favourite webpages in one place.

How do I use RSS feeds?

Most people use news readers to subscribe to and view RSS feeds. A news reader can be a website or program which manages RSS feeds. This will post an update each time new content is added to any pages you are subscribed to.

Most news readers will allow you to subscribe to a feed by entering the URL of the feed. For the MSC website you can find the URLs of all our feeds at RSS feeds. To subscribe,

  • click on the feed you wish to subscribe to from the list at RSS feeds
  • a page of code will open up - paste the URL of this page into your news reader.

How can I get a news reader?

You may already have a news reader as part of your email account - for example Yahoo and Gmail come with this facility. Or your browser may enable you to subscribe to RSS feeds, for example Firefox. Alternatively there are many available online, for free and to purchase.

Further information

If you would like help subscribing to MSC RSS feeds please contact us

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