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DFPO Denmark North Sea & Skagerrak cod & saithe

Last Updated: 5 September 2016 

MSC status

Certified as sustainable in February 2011.

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Species:  Saithe (Pollachius virens); Cod (Gadus morhua)
Location:  North Sea (ICES area IV) and Divisions IIIa,b,c,d.
Fishing methods:  Demersal trawl, Danish seine and set net (trammel & gill net).
Vessels: 150
Number of fisheries: 2

More about saithe

Fish mature between five to seven years and spawn along coastal banks, mainly in February when the water temperature is 6-10 degrees Celsius. Following spawning, larvae settle in inshore areas and migrate to the coastal areas at 2-4 years of age. Smaller saithe feed on crustaceans, while larger saithe feed more on fish

More about the fishing methods

The demersal or bottom otter trawl (single, twin and pair) is a towed fishing gear designed and rigged to have bottom contact during fishing, towed by large trawl vessels, typically in excess of 15m.

Another fishing method employed in this fishery is a bottom set gill net with vessels specially designed for static gear operations, with a net hauler typically on the forward starboard quarter and sufficient deck space for sorting and storing the catch and for sorting and storing the nets. For most of the large set net vessels there is a covered shelter deck for all net handling and catch sorting. The vessels make use of two different types of bottom set net, both of which are covered within this Unit of Certification; namely the Trammel Net and the gill net.

The Danish Seine, or anchor seine, is a ground fishing method for demersal fish where there the warps and net (conical net with two long wings) are laid out from an anchored dhan buoy by the vessel.

Fishery tonnage

7,000 metric tonnes.

Commercial market

Main markets for Danish saithe are Germany, Netherland, France and Spain. A small amount of catches are filleted in Denmark for domestic consumption.

Actual eligibility date

1st September 2010

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