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Dutch rod and line fishery for sea bass

Last Updated: 14 May 2015

MSC status

Certified as sustainable in December 2011. Suspended in February 2015.


Species:  Sea bass (Zeebaars, Dicentrarchus labrax)
Location:  Southern North Sea (ICES Division IVc)
Fishing methods:  Rod and line
Vessels:  19
Number of fisheries: 1

Fishery Fact Sheet

Download the Dutch rod and line fishery for sea bass fact sheet for A4 paper (PDF, 274 kb)

More about sea bass

Sea bass are distributed in Northeast Atlantic shelf waters from southern Norway, through the North Sea, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, Bay of Biscay and Mediterranean, to Northwest Africa. Adult sea bass migrate between well-defined feeding areas and pre-spawning and spawning areas which tend to be offshore to the south and west. First-year sea bass are found in estuaries and harbours, and along the adjacent coastline, where the juveniles may remain for up to 5 years before recruiting to the adult population. Bass are opportunistic predators throughout life, feeding on the species of crustaceans and fish which are the most readily available in any particular environment.

More about the fishing methods

The UoC fishing fleet consists of 19 under-10 m boats propelled by high-powered inboard or outboard motors (5 vessels have an engine power of more than 200 KW). The fishery takes place up to 70 miles from the home port, and uses high speed boats that normally make oneday trips and fish mainly during daytime. The fishery is carried out between March and December from an anchored boat near shipwrecks and other obstacles on the sea floor that attract concentrations of bass and cod, and which are located using GPS. The boats normally carry two or three crew, occasionally four, each using a single rod and line fishing with artificial bait (lures and pirks), but occasionally with natural baits, such as ragworm, lugworm or razor shells.

Commercial market

Sea bass is mainly sold on IJmuiden fish auction, gill tagged with VBHL's logo.

Actual eligibility date

15 December 2011

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