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Meet the fishers

Meet the flounder fishers

KDSFF snow crabSeine fishing in Kyoto dates back to the 1340s when fishers started catching coastal flatfish using seine nets. 

All of the members of KDSFF use Danish seine nets which target only one species at a time. The size, mesh size and the cod end (the back of the net) varies depending on which species they are targeting. The vessels return to Kyoto each morning in time for the Maizuru area auction. Freshness is the most important factor for the fish and it is vital that fish reach the auction on the same day they are caught.

Sustaining fish stocks

In the past the stock levels in the fishery have been depleted but a recovery plan in 2003 has made huge improvements. KDSFF Chairman, Mr. Tetsuya Kawaguchi said: “KDSFF fishermen have been taking measures including setting of prohibited fishing areas and seasonal closures to pass on the bountiful Kyoto offshore sea to our descendants.  With our effort, the fish stocks are recovering.

“I am very pleased because our effort is verified by the MSC certification, and would like to give my gratitude to all people who gave support for this certification.  The certification is just a milestone.  Our objective is to pass on bountiful seas to the future generations with implementation of stock control and fishing ground management of Kyoto offshore sustainably.  As the MSC certified fishery, we will continue to improve the Danish Seine fishery with our love of the Sea of Kyoto.”

Global environmental award

The fishery was awarded The 20th Global Environmental Award by a big Japanese news company, Sankei Group in February 2011. The award is in collaboration with WWF Japan and given to several leading Japanese companies. They recognized the Foundation’s innovative achievement as the first MSC certification in Asia and also valued their continuous commitment and efforts for sustainable fisheries.

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