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Mexico Baja California red rock lobster

Mexican Baja California red rock lobster fishery

Certified as sustainable in April 2004.  The first 5-year certificate for the fishery expired on 27 July 2009.  The fishery completed reassessment in June 2011.


Species: Red rock lobster (Panulirus interuptus)
Location: From Cedros Island through Punta Abreojos, Baja California Sur, Pacific coast of Northwest Mexico.
Fishing methods: Baited wire traps
Vessels: Fiberglass boats 5-7 metres in length and propelled by outboard motors are used.
Number of fisheries:  1

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More about red rock lobster

Red rock lobster occurs in rocky areas from the low intertidal zone to depths of around 100 metres. Females have one brood per year. Breeding and hatching occur in shallow areas, up to 20 metres deep, into which adults move in the spring. Lobsters return to deeper waters in the autumn.

More about the fishing methods

Red rock lobster are caught with traps. The traps are rectangular and covered with galvanized, plastic-sheathed wire mesh. Traps are baited with fish or molluscs. Traps are fitted with escape gaps. These are gaps in the sides of the trap to allow small lobster, less than legal size, to escape. This increases the protection for small lobsters.

Fishery tonnage

1,300 metric tonnes

Commercial market

90% of product targets export markets (Asia, France and the US). 10% is sold domestically, mainly to restaurants. 


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