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Oregon and Washington pink shrimp

Oregon pink shrimp fishery

Last Updated: 28 April 2016 

MSC Status

Certified as sustainable in December 2007.
Re-certified February 2013. 
Washington pink shrimp scope extension certified October 2015. 


Species:  Oregon pink shrimp (Pandalus jordani)
Location:  Off the Oregon coast (west coast of the US)
Fishing methods:  Otter trawl by vessles up to 85 feet in length
Vessels:  About 40 vessels
Number of fisheries:  1

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More about pink shrimp

Pink shrimps are protandrous hermaphrodites – animals that undergo a change of sex, starting out as males and then becoming females in the final years of their lives. They may reach 5.5 inches in total length but the average catch size is about 4 inches.

More about the fishing methods

Otter trawling derives its name from the "trawl doors" or "otters" which are used to keep the mouth of the net open. As these are towed along the seabed, hydrodynamic pressure pushes them outwards, preventing the mouth of the net closing. Mandatory bycatch reduction devices are used with the gear.

Fishery tonnage

11,570 metric tonnes was landed in 2008

Commercial market

Shrimp are sold primarily into US west coast retail and food service markets. Some product is exported.

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