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Meet the fishers

Meet the South Africa hake trawl fishers

SA_hake_meetthefishers Hake is one of the most easily available MSC-labelled seafood products on supermarket shelves around the world, with many consumers choosing MSC-labelled ‘cape hake’ for its moist, flaky and well flavoured white flesh.

In April 2004 this became the first African fishery to meet the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing.

The fishery is represented by the South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA), based in Capetown. When the fishery was first certified, SADSTIA’s secretary, Mr CAR Bross, told the story of how the fishery was rescued after decades of intensive fishing:

"By the end of the seventies the fishery had been brought to near ruin by the unrestricted activities of international distant water fleets trawling the South East Atlantic. Over the last twenty years we have conscientiously worked and invested in the future of this fishery by adopting policies to ensure the future prosperity and abundance of the resource. We are proud that this fishery is now producing more for South Africa than ever before. It demonstrates how industry and government can work constructively together and we are happy to be measured against the rigorous, internationally recognised, MSC standard to validate our sustainable fishery and its good management."

South African hake is by far the most valuable fish resource in South Africa. Export markets for the product include some of the most competitive in the world. Countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Australia and the USA are already familiar with the high quality of South African hake products, with demand growing yearly. 


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