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South Georgia Patagonian toothfish longline

South Georgia Patagonian Toothfish Longline Fishery

Last Updated: 21 July 2016 

MSC Status

Certified as sustainable in March 2004
Recertified on the 17th September 2009
Recertified on the 15th September 2014 

For the assessment details, please refer to the assessment downloads, re-assessment downloads and 2nd re-assessment downloads section. For further information, contact the Conformity Assessment Body.


Species: South Georgia Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides)
Location: Around the island of South Georgia and the plateau to the west around Shag Rocks
Fishing methods: Bottom set longlines
Number of fisheries: 1

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More about Patagonian toothfish

The Patagonian toothfish inhabits deep waters. Larger animals are typically found at between 200 and 2000 metres, younger fish inhabit shallower areas. It lives in cold waters off Peru, Chile and New Zealand in the Pacific, and Argentina and the Falkland Islands in the Atlantic, and around many sub-Antarctic islands and seamounts from South Georgia in the west to Macquarie Islands in the east. It is slow growing and long lived with a maximum length of over 2 metres and maximum age of 24 years. Females mature at or in excess of ten years, at a length of roughly 90-100 cm, while males mature at a somewhat smaller size and younger age.

More about the fishing methods

The fishing method is bottom set longlines, used only in winter months, between May and August.


3,500 tonnes

Commercial market

The main markets for Patagonian Toothfish is in the USA, EU and Japan.


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