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Comment on an assessment

Assessment against the MSC's Fisheries Standard is a transparent process that is open to anyone with an interest in the fishery (stakeholders).

Stakeholders play an essential role in the fishery assessment process. There are several stages and stakeholder input is invited at most of them. The assessment team can give the best possible consideration to your input if you get involved early in the process.

The stages of the assessment - and the points at which you can provide input - are:
1-Fishery enters assessment: Register your interest as a stakeholder

2 - Information gathered. Share your information with assessment team 3 - Peer reviewers selected: Opportunity to comment on selecttion

4 - Public review of draft assessment report: Opportunity to comment on draft report

5 - Final assessment report and determination. Objections may filed through objection procedure

6 - Public certification report and certificate issued

Important note:

Certification requirements for the MSC Fisheries Standard have been updated. Fishery assessments begun before 1 April 2015, may still be conducted under the old requirements (version 1.3). Under these the stages vary slightly, so please check which set of requirements are being used.   

Download stages for stakeholder comment under version 1.3 of certification requirements >  (PDF 1032 kB)

How to comment

This stakeholder input template aims to guide stakeholders in providing relevant and actionable commentary on MSC fishery assessments. This would also be the first opportunity for a stakeholder to indicate interest, so that the assessment team can make sure you are informed at each step of the process. 

Download the template for stakeholder input >
(MS Word document, 244 KB)

Read about the objections procedure >

Surveillance audits and recertification

After certification, the fishery will be subject to regular surveillance audits, based on timelines indicated by any conditions of certification. Stakeholders who have identified themselves will be notified when the fishery is audited, and opportunities will be made available for them to provide comments or new information on the fishery during the audit. Once each audit is completed a copy of the audit report will be published here on the MSC website.  

A recertification assessment will begin four years after the fishery’s certification. Recertification assessment follows the same process, and stakeholders can be involved at the same stages as outlined above.

Find out about fishery assessments

There are various ways that you can stay informed about fisheries within the MSC program.

Sign up for fisheries announcement emails >

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