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Program improvements

Between 1 August and 15 September 2014, the MSC opens its chain of custody (CoC) program for a final round of public review. 

To ensure the review process is inclusive, we are calling upon anyone with an interest in the seafood supply chain to review, comment and help make decisions on the new MSC CoC standard.

We'd like your input

Find out the full list of topics currently under review. Share your expertise, help shape the MSC Chain of Custody standard for sustainable seafood.

2013 Fisheries Standard Review

The Fisheries Standard Review took place in 2013, a full draft of the new MSC certification requirements (CR) version 2.0 incorporating outcomes from the review is now nearing completion.To ensure that the new version of the MSC fisheries standard and requirements are clear and consistent, the requirements will be reviewed and tested between February and September 2014.

The new MSC CR version 2.0 will also incorporate outcomes from the Speed and Cost Review (SCR), which is also nearing completion.

StCCurrent and planned policy developments

Find out more about policies that are currently being reviewed and developed.


GoA pollock fisheryRecent policy changes

Find out more about new or revised policies that have recently been implemented.


Policy Development CyclePolicy development process

Find out about our rapidly growing program and very diverse group of stakeholders that are increasingly interested in our standards and certification requirements.

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