Science and research

Research and science are fundamental to the work we do at the MSC. Our science and research collaborations help ensure our Standard development reflects the latest scientific understanding.

The MSC science and research team is made up of researchers, data analysts and science communicators. We explore the data and scientific evidence that informs our program.

Current research

The MSC collaborates with scientists and researchers around the world. We provide data for global reports and work together on important new research. This page outlines research projects we're currently involved in.
Omega Protein Corporation menhaden fishing vessel coming in loaded

Managing shifting stocks

Climate change is causing significant impacts to fish stocks. The MSC is investigating how policies could be improved to ensure a fairer share of quotas.

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South African woman walks down the hill ready to catch lobster

Socioeconomic impacts

As a full member of ISEAL we are required to monitor the impacts of our program, using this in-depth understanding to improve our program.

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Underwater close-up of a red Gorgonian Sea Fan on a coral reef

Habitat Impacts Tool

Using sophisticated modelling software, the Habitat Impacts Tool aims to predict the impact fishing will have on seabed habitats.

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An octopus diver in Madagascar

Supporting data-limited fisheries

Some fisheries struggle to collect the data required for assessment, our research is providing a tool to help data-limited fisheries improve practices.

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Underwater scene of a coral reef and tropical fish

Contributing to the UN's SDGs

Data from the MSC is used by the UN Environment Programme to track progress towards international goals to end overfishing and protect biodiversity.

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High angle shot of South African hake fisherman preparing equipment on fishing vessel

Fisheries Improving

Fisheries don’t stop improving once they become MSC certified, they make a long-term commitment to sustainability.

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Fisher standing in a boat throwing a net with the sun shining in the background

Ocean Stewardship Fund

Each year, over £1 million in grants are available for scientific research to support fisheries at all stages on their path to sustainability.

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Monitoring and Evaluation 500 x 500

Monitoring our impact

The MSC monitoring and evaluation program works to understand the environmental and social impacts of the MSC.

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