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Between the ocean and your plate, fish and seafood products may pass through many stages. Supply chains can be very complicated. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures that products are traceable and separated from non-certified products.

For products to carry the blue MSC label, every company in the supply chain must have a valid Chain of Custody certificate. To be certified, businesses are audited by independent certifiers.

What is the MSC Chain of Custody?

What is the MSC Chain of Custody?

What is the MSC Chain of Custody?

What is assessed?

There are five key principles that every company must meet to achieve certification.

Certified supply

Companies must purchase certified product from a certified supplier


Certified products are clearly identifiable


Certified products are separated from non-certified

Traceable and recorded

Certified products are traceable and volumes are recorded

Good management

Companies have a management system that addresses the requirements of the Standard

Different businesses, different needs

The Chain of Custody Standard was last updated in 2023. It consists of one default version, along with Group and Consumer-Facing Organisation (CFO) versions. See our guide for supply chain companies. 

The Standard is reviewed every three to five years.

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