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MSC standards and certification requirements

With experts, the MSC developed standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. They ensure that MSC-labelled seafood comes from, and can be traced back to, a sustainable fishery.

MSC standards and requirements meet global best practice guidelines for certification and ecolabelling programs.

MSC-labelled productMSC standards

The MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing and MSC chain of custody standard for seafood traceability are at the core of the program.


Lake Hjälmaren fishery certification eventMSC certification requirements

Each MSC standard is supported by one or more requirements, which set out how certifiers should carry out assessments against the standard.


MSC Board 2009Reviewing MSC standards

To ensure the MSC program remains fit for purpose MSC standards are reviewed regularly - find out about the review process.


Reviewing MSC methodologiesReviewing MSC certification requirements

How the MSC requirements and supporting materials are reviewed.


Comment on our standards and methodologiesComment on our standards and certification requirements

Find out how you can comment on the MSC standards and certification requirements at any time. 


Alaska Salmon fishery Third party certification

MSC is a third-party program, ensuring our certification program is credible and robust. Find out what it means to be 'third-party'.

All MSC documents

View and download all MSC documents in the MSC document centre.


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